Monday, February 8, 2016

Monty and Hugo part 2

Hugo had his name drawn from the box two weeks in a row! Monty is beginning to feel like one of the family. Here is Hugo's writing:

Monty and me were having 30 minutes riding with my dad. Dad had monty in the pocket. Here is a photo.

Monty and Hugo

I went to the supermarket with Monty. We were buying things for dinner. We saw sea grass. I wonder if we can eat sea grass.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Frankie and Monty

Monty travelled with my family and me to the UK for Christmas. We went on the aeroplane from Toulouse to Bristol, but my Daddy didn’t come with us because he drove the car with all of our clothes. Monty played with my little brother on the aeroplane and my brother (Ellis) loved cuddling him and didn’t want to let him go when we arrived.
Monty met my Nana & Gramps for the first time and he stayed with us at their house until we came back home.
When we were at my Nana and Gramps’ house, Monty helped us to eat a ginger bread house that we made before Christmas.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A weekend at Seren's house for Monty!

On Saturday me and Monty played with my friend Eva and my little brother Ethan.
On Saturday night me and Monty were having dinner and Montey decided to drink my orange juice. Monty was very thirsty.
Also me and Monty watched television with my brother and with my cat Incy.
On Sunday me and Monty  went to my friend Florence’s house. We played on the trampoline with Monty, and then we went to the park.  


Telmo has a lovely weekend with Monty

On Saturday morning, Telmo and Monty went together for his swimming lessons. 
In the afternoon, they went to the movie theater to see a film called "Anina".
On Sunday, Telmo and Monty went to Telmo's basketball game. It was the first match of Telmo's life, so it was very exciting.

Elise looks after Monty for the weekend

Monty had a great weekend with Elise.
On Friday night, Monty had lots of fun playing with Elise's  dog called Redback.  

On Saturday, Monty went to the market to get oysters and cheese.

On Sunday morning, Monty enjoyed eating croissants with Elise and her family.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Alfie and Monty have a weekend together

Monty and me had a good time at the weekend.  On Friday  Monty  ate  my  tea  at  mc Donalds and  Monty  came  to  beavers  and  on  Saturday  Monty  came  to  dancing  and  we  went  to  the Christmas  fare.

At the  Christmas  fare  I  saw  Mrs  Dawson. on  Sunday  we  had  a  lazy  day  watching  films  while  mummy  made the  roast dinner.